The chateau's history

Blason du château de l'IsletteA FEW KEY POINTS…

1295: L’Islette, a fiefdom of l’Ile-Bouchard belonged to Jean Pannetier, Bailiff of Touraine.

Then the de Maillé family owned the domain for three centuries from 1350 until 1650.

We have René de Maillé to thank for the current château’s construction, which was finished around 1530.

It then passed to the Tiercelin d’Appelvoisin and Barjot de Roncée families.

In july 1769, Beaumarchais wrote to his wife from Rivarennes: «Through the trees in the distance, I can see the twisting path of the Indre and an ancient château flanked by towers that belongs to my neighbour Mme de Roncée».

During the Revolution, the Château belonged to Charles Tiercelin d’Apelvoisin, a member of the 1789 “Estates-General” government. He was guillotined in 1793.

Sold under the first Empire, during the 19th century the Château was then owned by a succession of families.

Around 1890, the artists Camille Claudel and Rodin stayed in the Château de l’Islette on several occasions.

The Château de l’Islette was classfied as an historic monument in the 15th November 1946 decree.

In the middle of the 1960’s, Pierre and Madeleine Michaud, the parents of the current owners, undertook major restoration work.

2010: Open to the public.

Restoration of the chapel’s painted décor.